How To Setup The Vacation Script To Completly Automate The Voucher Redemption Process

Please watch closely! This script correctly implemented will save you a lot of time 🙂


Files to edit: 2
location.php > Logo image and Copyright Notice
thankyou.php > SMTP settings and Advertising Boost Business ID


  1. Download the ZIP file
  2. Extract the files locally and edit them (you'll need a text editor like Notepad++ OR
  3. Upload all files and folders to your web server into a new directory and edit them directly on your server
  4. Edit location.php and edit the lines 11 (optional), 33 and 53. In line 33 you need to specify the logo you first have to save to the “img” folder
  5. For the thankyou.php file, simply edit all information at the top of the file. To get your advertising boost business id, login into your Advertising Boost account then click on resources > integrations > API. There you’ll see „Your Business ID: XXXX. Copy this number and paste it into the script.
  6. Replace the sample email with your own. Adjust the SMTP INFO with the one from your server (ask support if you don't know the values), save the files (if you edited them locally, now upload them to your server with an FTP program or the file manage app in cPanel)
  7. Now you need to edit each link of the overview page to point to your script. If you put the script into folder, then you have to adjust the links like this:
  8. The “?locid=1” at the end is important, or else the script won't know which destination was choosen. To get the right vacation ID you can have a look at the data.php file.
  9. So for Cancun your link would look like, for Puerto Penasco and for Mazatlan etc. etc. I think you get the point.
  10. Done 🙂

Need help?

If you're stuck after watching and implementing my instructions, you can write me an email by clicking here.