Solo ads are a great way to drive traffic to your offer, particularly if you’re in a niche that’s already saturated. Veterans of affiliate marketing know there’s a huge amount of competition for search keywords. This drives up the price of search-based marketing. Depending on your niche the price can often be unmanageably high. Solo ads are a great, more affordable alternative.

What’s a Solo Ad?

Solo ads are email-based advertising campaigns. Typically you hire a company or individual that maintains a database of viable email addresses. They send your marketing message to a portion of their total list, determined either by how many people you want to reach or the click count you’re interested in receiving. If all goes well some reasonable percentage of those clicks will convert to sales and you’ll make more money than you spent.

It’s important however to make sure you use a reputable source. The solo ad market is rife with individuals hocking low-quality lists, scrapped from unverified sources. They may be cheap but they’re conversion rates are generally terrible. Instead, you want a list built from verified traffic, specific to your niche. These well-maintained, filtered and targeted lists convert at a much higher rate. The old saying, “you get what you pay for” is completely accurate with solo ads. With that in mind here are my top 3 solo ad sellers.


Udimi takes third place on my list. Their list quality is decent enough, but can be spotty at times, depending on your niche. But they get marks for price. While their list quality isn’t quite as good as the other two featured providers they charge less, which means they’re still a good value for the money you spend. Just don’t expect the sorts of results you’ll get from entries one and two. Udimi is great for advertisers that don’t have much of a budget but still want results. Consider using Udimi for your first few campaigns. You can expand to the more expensive, higher quality lists when your budget allows.

If you have a larger advertising budget skip Udimi and focus on the more expensive services which feature better conversion rates. Higher conversion rates will help build your business faster and help you make more money. TrafficForMe is a good choice. They pick all of their email sources by hand, feature anti-fraud technology and the feature a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you’ll receive clean, unique, bot-free clicks and an opt-in rate well within industry standards. I’ve never been disappointed with TrafficForMe.


Without hesitation this service is my favorite solo ads seller. It drives strong traffic to your offer and features excellent conversion rates. The proprietor runs his own custom campaigns to generate fresh leads on a daily basis so his email list never gets stale no matter how many times you use the service.

And he’s quick to answer any question you may have. In this business responsive customer service makes a big difference. TheMarketerLifestyle isn't even the most expensive of these services! Most of the time, with solo ads you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for the strongest, quickest and best priced return on your investment and have the budget I can’t recommend this service enough.