I really don't like to talk about myself at all. I like to build relationships and lead with value by helping people. But since this is the about page, here is some information:

My name's Manuel Merz.

I am an online entrepreneur, author and marketing agency owner based in Switzerland, Europe. Since 2005, I am driving traffic to my own as well as my clients projects. Back then, I discovered affiliate marketing which really helped me jump start my agency business.

Affiliate marketing is my 2nd love if you want to call it like that. I still do it, I still enjoy it – a lot!

It's peaceful since you don't have to deal with clients at all, don't have to provide support and most important, you can do it from anywhere.

Here's what I can promise you about what you'll get from me:

  1. I am very direct person and don't sugarcoat stuff.
  2. I'll always be honest…I hate liars.
  3. I mostly share stuff I know based on my own data and results. I never EVER recommend products/services or opportunities without having them tested by myself.
  4. I'll probably curse a lot at some point. If you don't like that or think it's not professional, then I am not your dude.
  5. I can help you get more traffic, build your own sales funnels or simply assist you with technical issues.

That's it.